DVD - Godzilla

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DVD - Godzilla


A terrible storm, ship capsized off the US coast, giant footprints in the sand dug nearby islands ...

A danger unnamed nears New York. The researcher Tatopoulos is called to the rescue to help the United States to hunt down the monster ...

  • DVD Release Date: 17/06/1999
  • Cinema Release year: 1998
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Film Duration: 133 min
  • Publisher: Columbia / Tristar
  • Distributor: GCTHV (Gaumont / Columbia / Tristar Home Video)
  • Starring: Jean Reno
Kind Fantastic
DIRECTOR Roland Emmerich
ACTORS Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo
Editor Columbia / Tristar
Distributor GCTHV (Gaumont/Columbia/Tristar Home Video)

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