DVD - Gremlins 2 : La nouvelle génération

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DVD - Gremlins 2 : La nouvelle génération


The whole city is threatened ...

Mr. Wing, the owner of the shop in which Billy's father bought Gizmo, declines an interesting offer of the denominated Daniel Clamp, a billionaire who would shave all Chinatown to build instead a new business center.

But the death of the old Chinese merchant, nothing can now impede projects Clamp ...

As workers begin to demolish the shop of old Chinese, Gizmo flees.

Captured by an employee of the infamous Dr. Catheter, nice "Mogwai" will be a guinea pig, and the terrible Doctor Catheter even planning to dissect ...

Billy, whose office is in the same building as the laboratory of Dr. catheter, hears the plaintive melody sung Gizmo, and realizes that his former companion is in deep trouble.

He pretends to be a repairer of copiers, Gizmo and out of the laboratory and then hides it in one of his desk drawers. But the misfortunes begin when a clumsy employee inadvertently spill water on the "Mogwai" which immediately gives rise to a multitude of formidable reject Machiavellian.

The latter, which have a rather aggressive temperament, first ravaged the building in which they swarm and then decide to sow panic in the whole city ...

Kind Fantastic
ACTORS Zach Galligan
Editor Warner Home Vidéo
Distributor Warner Home Vidéo
length 1h42
Release Date 9 novembre 2005
Music Jerry Goldsmith

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