DVD - Lucas, fourmi malgré lui

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DVD - Lucas, fourmi malgré lui


The poor Lucas Nickle, 10, really has no luck. Recently moved with his family to a new town, he failed to make it a single friend. Worse, Lucas has become the scapegoat of the local bully, Steve, who never misses an opportunity to manhandle. As an outlet, the child finds nothing better than to frighten and bully ants in his garden, having fun shooter in the anthill and watering or brutally crush its tiny houses. Lucas did not suspect the nest houses a hyperactive society, complex, highly organized and highly structured ... who has more than sick of his stupid behavior. Zoc the Wizard, finally found a solution: by Lucas to absorb a drop of his magic potion ... it reduces the size of an ant ...

Kind Animation
Editor Warner Home Vidéo
Distributor Warner Home Vidéo

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