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DVD - Hero


There are two thousand years ago, China was divided into seven kingdoms. Each fighting the other for supremacy, while the people endured suffering and death. Of the seven kingdoms, Qin was the most virulent. King was obsessed with the conquest of China and the desire to become its first emperor. Other kingdoms dispatched their most formidable assassins to eliminate him. The only name three of these killers enough to spread terror: Shattered Blade, Snowflake and Starry Sky. To anyone annihilate the three assassins, the King of Qin promised power and fortune. For ten years, nobody came. When the mysterious Nameless came to the palace, with its possession weapons of assassins slaughtered, the e King was anxious to hear his story. Sitting ten feet of the monarch, No Name then began to tell ...

Kind Adventure
Editor Universal Pictures Video
Distributor Universal Pictures Video

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