Blu-ray - Avatar - Version longue / 3 Blu-ray

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Blu-ray - Avatar - Version longue / 3 Blu-ray


Despite his paralysis, Jake Sully, a former Marine immobilized in a wheelchair, remained a deep fighter of his being. He is recruited to travel light years to Earth, on Pandora, where powerful industrial groups exploit a rare ore intended to solve the energy crisis on Earth. Because the atmosphere of Pandora is toxic to humans, they have created the Avatar Program, which allows "pilot" to link human spirit to an avatar, a biological body controlled remotely, able to survive in this lethal atmosphere. These avatars are hybrids created by crossing genetically human DNA with that of Na'vi, indigenous Pandora. Under his avatar form, Jake can walk again. He was given a mission to infiltrate the Na'vi with, become an obstacle too therefore the exploitation of precious ore. But everything changed when Neytiri, a beautiful Na'vi, saves Jake's life ...

Kind Science Fiction
DIRECTOR James Cameron
ACTORS Sam Worthington
Editor 20th Century Fox
Distributor Fox Pathé Europa

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