Blu-ray - Moi, moche et méchant (Blu-ray 3D et Blu-ray )

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Blu-ray - Moi, moche et méchant (Blu-ray 3D et Blu-ray )


In a charming residential neighborhood sits a black house that houses Gru, a nasty villain, surrounded by a myriad of minions and armed to the teeth, plotting the biggest heist of all time: steal the moon ... Gru likes all kinds of dirty toys. It has a multitude of air and land combat vehicles and an arsenal of rays and immobilizing shrinkable with which he destroys all who dare to block his path ... until he comes face to face with three orphan girls who see in him someone quite different: a dad. The greatest villain of all time is faced with its toughest test: three girls prenamed Margo, Edith and Agnes ...

Kind Animation
Editor Universal Pictures Video
Distributor Universal Pictures Video

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