Blu-ray - Pokémon, film noir: Victini and Reshiram

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Blu-ray - Pokémon, film noir: Victini and Reshiram


The legend tells formerly existed a unique and divine Pokémon.

But one day, it is divided as two twins were at war. The first was thirsty reality, the second, ideal thirst.

One Zekrom had in his camp, the Pokémon Black Ideal, the other, Reshiram, the Pokémon White Real. Has long remained two legends about the creation of Unova, but each is completed.

Ash and his friends arrive at Eindoak, where a castle is now in ruins which is called "The Sword of the Earth."

 Our heroes take part in the festivities of the city and meet the Pokémon Victini has a power that can affect humans and Pokémon.

That same day, Damon, a descendant of the kingdom, trying to seize the powers of Victini, causing the loss of Eindoak. But that's not counting the arrival of Reshiram and Zekrom ...

Release date Blu-ray: 06/06/2012
Cinema Release year: 2011
Genre: Children
Film Duration: 169 min
Publisher: France Television
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment - TF1 Vidéo

Kind Animation
DIRECTOR Kunihiko Yuyama
Editor France Télévision
Distributor Sony pictures

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