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Blu-ray - 10000


10,000 years BC, in the mountains ...

The young hunter D'Leh loves tender love the beautiful Evolet, an orphan that his tribe gathered a few years earlier.

When it is removed by a gang of looters, D'Leh sets off to rescue him at the head of a handful of mammoth hunters.

The group, exceeding for the first time the limits of its territory, on a long journey through monster-infested land of civilizations and discovered he did not know existed.

Through these meetings, other tribes plundered and enslaved, joined D'Leh and his men eventually form a small armée.

Au end of their journey, D'Leh and his men discover an unknown empire, bristling huge pyramids dedicated to a living god, tyrannical and bloodthirsty. The hunter then understood that his mission is not only to save Evolet but all civilization ...

  • Release date Blu-ray: 17/09/2008
  • Cinema Release year: 2008
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Film Duration: 109 min
  • Publisher: Warner Home Video
  • Distributor: Warner Home Video
Kind Adventure
DIRECTOR Roland Emmerich
ACTORS Camilla Belle, Steven Strait
Editor Warner Home Vidéo
Distributor Warner Home Vidéo


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