DVD - Inception

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DVD - Inception


Dom Cobb is a skilled thief - the best ever in the dangerous art of extraction: his specialty is to capture the most precious secrets of an individual, buried deep in his subconscious, while dream, and his spirit is particularly vulnerable.

Prized for his talents in the murky world of corporate espionage, Cobb also became a fugitive hunted around the world who lost everything dear to him.

But a final mission could enable him to regain his former life - provided he can accomplish the impossible: the inception.

Instead of stealing a dream, Cobb and his team must do the opposite: implanting an idea in the mind of an individual.

If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime.

And yet, as methodical and talented they may be, nothing could have prepared Cobb and its partners a formidable enemy that seems to have always one step ahead of them.

An enemy that only Cobb could have suspected the existence ..

Kind Science Fiction
DIRECTOR Christopher Nolan
ACTORS Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page
Editor Warner Home Vidéo
Distributor Warner Home Vidéo

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