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DVD - Hanna


Hanna, 16, is not a teenager like any other.
High away from it all by his father, Erik, former CIA agent, she knows no combat techniques and survival that are the most formidable soldiers.

Erik has taught her everything she knows from an encyclopedia and a book of fairy tales.
Trained from a young age, Hanna is a perfect fighter. Separate Erik, Hanna discovers the outside world for the first time and began the mission that his family needs to complete. She is ready. However, before you can find her father in Berlin as planned, she is captured by the men of Marissa Wiegler agent, a woman whom many secrets relate to Hanna and Erik.
Held somewhere in an underground base, Hanna manages to escape. Adapting to an unfamiliar environment, the girl has to survive. While Marissa persecutes, increasingly close, Hanna faces of stunning revelations that go beyond their own identity ...

Description: Original title: HANNA (USA)
Action, Thriller - Duration: 1:57 minutes
Distributor: Sony Pictures -
DVD Publisher: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE)
Released on DVD on sale November 9, 2011
Blu-Ray release November 9, 2011
Exit to the DVD Rental September 7, 2011
Theatrical release July 6, 2011
Production year: 2010

Kind Action
ACTORS Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett

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