DVD - Kirikou: Trilogy

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DVD - Kirikou: Trilogy


- Kirikou and the Sorceress: A little voice is heard in the belly of a pregnant woman, "Mother, birth to me! "" A child who speaks in the womb of his mother gives birth alone, "replies the mother. Thus is born the tiny Kirikou in an African village upon which a witch, Karaba has cast a terrible spell. But Kirikou, right out of the womb, wants to deliver the village of his evil way and discover the secret of his wickedness. Through fantasy adventure, Kirikou to the Forbidden Mountain happen ...

- Kirikou and wild beasts: The grandfather, reigning in his blue grotto, explains: "The story of Kirikou and the Sorceress was too short. We did not have time to recount everything that the child had accomplished. And it really beautiful and accomplished good deeds, he will not be forgotten. So I tells you. "And he told us how inventive Kirikou became the gardener, detective, potter, merchant, traveler and doctor, always the smallest and most valiant heroes ...

- Kirikou and men and women: The grandfather welcomes us in his blue grotto for further confidences. There was still fond memories of childhood Kirikou to evoke: the moments when he helped the men and women of his village and elsewhere ... He tells us how Kirikou, thanks to his bravery and intelligence, is came to the aid of the strong woman, the roof of the hut had been destroyed by Karaba. He teaches us by what trick the little hero found the grumpy old man, who had lost in the savannah, and how a cherry threatened by the witch was finally able to pass on his knowledge to the villagers. We also discover the secret of a mysterious blue monster, and finally, thanks to a flute linked to the family of our small and valiant heroes, the magical power of music ...

Kind Animation
DIRECTOR Michel Ocelot, Bénédicte Galup
Editor France Télévision
Distributor Sony pictures

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