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In summer sun, Sara and her friends are determined to spend a pure fun weekend on a small private island with a huge salt lake in Louisiana. Yet when Malik, the young football star, out of a water skiing session unconscious with an arm missing, the atmosphere is no longer the party. Convinced that this is an accident, the small band boarded a speedboat to get the injured to hospital urgently, but young people will soon realize that the lake is infested with ultra aggressive sharks . Sara and her family in the face of predatory lending to all that no prey escapes them, it is the beginning of the nightmare. Under siege, trapped, eaten, terrified, very few will review the mainland ...

  • Date Blu-ray Release: 10/02/2012
  • Cinema Release year: 2011
  • Genre: Horror
  • Film Duration: 91 min
  • Publisher: Seven7 / Metropolitan Filmexport
  • Distributor: Seven7 / Metropolitan Filmexport
Kind Horror
DIRECTOR David R. Ellis
Editor Seven7 / Metropolitan Filmexport
Distributor Seven7 / Metropolitan Filmexport

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