DVD - Wanted

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DVD - Wanted


Wesley Gibson has every reason in the world to be unhappy. Tyrannized by his boss, bullied by his office colleagues, deceived and humiliated by his girlfriend, a young loser victim of recurring anxiety, survives only shot of tranquillizers and macrobiotic meal trays. Hard to twenty-five years ... Then a dream girl broke into his sad life. Fox is an elite killer, affiliated to a top-secret sect Brotherhood, whose members set themselves up as instruments of Destiny. Their age-old motto: "One man killed, thousand saved." It is time for Wes to take over from his father and discover in himself resources, a thirst for violence, reflexes and unsuspected skills. Under the tutelage of the mysterious and charismatic Sloan and Fox, Wes begins a rigorous training that will make him the best assassin in the Fraternity ...

Kind Action
DIRECTOR Timur Bekmambetov
ACTORS Angelina Jolie
Editor Universal Pictures Video
Distributor Universal Pictures Video

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